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At home engagement shoots are my absolute favorites to capture, add music, pups and gardening to that to make an unstoppable trio of awesome photos. Kim and Chris are not only amazing floral designers, but also my dear friends. To be invited in to capture them in their little haven is such an honor, and they let me play around with film and document them in their element. I can’t stress enough that having an activity to do for your engagement photos makes for the best images possible. You are totally focused on doing your thing, in this case performing music, and I can just be a fly on the wall, snapping away all those little moments that make up your everyday. I can promise you the results are nothing short of emotional.

So let’s chat about what make’s a great engagement shoot

  • An activity that you love to do together. In this case, playing music, chilling with the pups, and gardening
  • A setting that you feel comfortable in. Is this indoors, in your own home? Is this outdoors, on the water, in a forest, in your backyard?
  • A bit of privacy. It’s hard to feel intimate and emotionally connected when surrounded by strangers, onlookers, passers-bys. I much prefer the sanctuary of your own space, or space away from any sort of crowds.
  • A little liquid courage. Maybe a glass of wine or champagne if you imbibe, to relax a bit. If not, maybe just a cozy cup of tea or festive fizzy water. Heck, I’ve captured couples making tea (mate)  and going out for coffee as their activity too.
  • Your personality. Love to write? Bring your journal. Are you DIY’ing a new home remodel? Let’s capture you painting! Is your cat your baby? Let’s make sure she’s there. Love your pool? Let’s get some cute floats. Most comfy in sweats and making pancakes? Let’s capture that!