boston food photographylifestyle photographers in rieditorial food photographereditorial food photographyboston lifestyle photographereditorial photographer rhode islandri editorial photographerThis fun champagne shoot that I shot with Abby Capalbo Styling was recently featured in Rue Magazine’s latest issue.  Check it out HERE.

And here’s a little ditty for you for what it’s worth, because I feel like I need to share more personal things about my journey.  When I left my full time job at Belle Mer and started working in the freelance world between Southern New England magazines and taking classes at RISD and working my buns off to try and build this little brand,  I ingested everything I could visually. Most of it was in the wedding world because that’s where my love for photography started, but a lot of it was spent on other inspiring blogs, ladies whose voices I LOVED to read,  and those ladies were Design Love Fest, City Sage, and Coco Kelley. When I learned that they were all partnering up with Crystal Palecek to create an interiors/home/lifestyle digital magazine, my head exploded.  Watching them create this unique new thing (digital magazines barely existed at that point) that was so COOL, with Bri’s amazing design aesthetic and Anne, Crystal, and Cassandra’s writing, it was the first time I think I realized how women from all over the country can literally come together and create something so full of life and fun and so DIFFERENT, they’d post behind the scenes stuff and new photographers, and really cool spaces. It was like this whole other world.  And that was Rue Magazine.  And I remember tweeting them about something and they responded and I screenshot it and posted it on Facebook because I was so excited.  And then one little old winter boring day this year, Abby and I shot this fun random thing just for the heck of it, just for ourselves, just because it was almost New Years and we needed to see something pretty. And BOOM! Abby sent it to Rue and they picked it up for their new issue.  There are moments in my photography life that my jaw has dropped because I’m astonished and in awe that I created something that other people actually like to look at:  anytime Martha Stewart posts anything of mine, my first Style Me Pretty features, being nominated for 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography, and then this Rue feature. It’s a wild ride this business ownership, and often lonely as a freelancer sitting at home typing these words into the void that is this empty white box, editing thousands and thousands of files that I poured my heart into creating.  But it’s all worth it, every.single.time.