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I’ve written before about Lobster Bake rehearsals and how much I love them so take a peek here. McGrath’s + Newport Vineyards = DREAM rehearsal. So as to not repeat myself, I will chat about what I loved about Ariel and Ben’s rehearsal in particular.

Rehearsal Tip # 1: Come Early

A lot of folks backend their ceremony rehearsal with their rehearsal dinner. While this sometimes makes the most sense logistically, often the venue needs you to be on-site for your rehearsal hours before your dinner starts (because they have another wedding that night, because your officiant can only be there at that time, because they close early on certain days, etc.).  So this makes for a great opportunity to get to the rehearsal dinner venue early for some fun photographs. Bring along your immediate fam (parents, sibs, grandparents) and bridal party and we can capture some beautiful formal photos, and then spend some time walking around the grounds for portraits. Then you’re off to have fun with guests, and I can snap candids and little moments of the day.

Rehearsal Tip #2: Make it an experience

I’ve mentioned this before but having an experience that involves the guests in some way, especially if it’s something unique they haven’t had the chance to see before, do it.  Lobster Bakes are so fun when your families are from outside New England. They’ll be able to really understand this tradition and its history. If it’s not a lobster bake, maybe it’s a sunset sail, a food truck dine around, a farm tour, a BBQ with smoker and all, a crawfish boil, a make your own poke bowl picnic. Involve some local treats for guests to experience like Del’s Lemonade or Brickley’s Ice Cream. And give them a little take away that they can use for the whole weekend like a cute Coozie or a beach towel.

Rehearsal Tip #3: Make it Cohesive

Your rehearsal is really setting the scene for your wedding day. You want it to be a little taster of what they are in for tomorrow. In this case, Baby’s Breath was a minor element in the wedding day (being found on the flower girl crowns and other small accents) but it made a bigger statement at the rehearsal. Ariel rocked some baby blue statement earrings which gave a little foreshadowing of the main color palette of the wedding.


Planning: True Event/ Flowers: Stoneblossom