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Newport Weddings

Newport Rhode Island is full of history and historically beautiful settings. From little gems where Grace Kelly used to hide from the press, to stately mansions where the Vanderbilts summered, to the farm where Jackie and John celebrated their day. These stunning outdoor settings work perfect for my “soft and sun-kissed” style using the advantages of natural light. Out in the open, be it under a tent or inside a room filled with windows, on a patio at The Chanler or the arches of Glen Manor House, my timeless wedding photography has taken me to every venue on the map in Newport along with private homes and estates.




Telling a Wedding Story in Pictures

There are many types of weddings that are coming to dominate the world of brides and grooms, everything from informal weddings to traditional Newport weddings. Erin recognizes some brides and grooms have no problem expressing their mutual affection in front of the camera, while others may prefer more modest shoots. What’s expected is that their poses will reflect their personalities and the overall wedding atmosphere as well as lots of natural light. The choice of a setting for the pre-wedding shoot is important. You may opt to have all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen available for the shoot in the morning, or you may choose to shoot only with Erin and your spouse. What’s important is to capture all human participants at their best and to perfect any strategic poses. For example, it’s easy in direct sunlight for the bride wearing a gown of massive white fabric to have her face washed out in the process. Erin wants to capture the range of expressions on each subject’s face and to reflect the couple’s personality in a unique wedding album. If you have a wedding party member with special needs or want to include children in the poses, then it makes sense to discuss all concerns with Erin in advance, especially if there is a tight shooting schedule before the ceremony.

Weddings: Outdoors or Indoors?

Depending on the time of year and the weather forecast, some couples will plan for a relaxed outdoor photo shoot. As a graduate of the RISD CE program in Digital Photography, Erin has been creating Rhode Island love stories on film for years. Every frame is a tribute to the love of the bride and groom and the strong emotions they feel for each other. When you’re planning how to document your wedding day for future children and grandchildren, it helps to work with Erin, a consummate professional, whose commitment to clients throughout the shoot is making them feel comfortable.


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When Erin’s Natural Style Works Best

If you believe the individuals sharing your special day are more important than the details, Erin’s photography style will work best for you and your partner! When asked to sum up her creative approach in a few words, Erin focuses on influencing timeless images with her internal wanderlust and her love of all that Rhode Island has to offer in terms of natural beauty and style. A true Newport wedding, including all its formal elegance and panache, is as much fun to capture in her viewfinder as a beachside wedding with only family members in attendance. Erin works best with clients who are wanting their personalities and those of relatives and friends to come alive on film without troubling over the inevitable snags of the wedding day.

Rhode Island Weddings Explained

While some weddings (traditional, thematic, destination-style) take place in exotic venues like Hawaii with its expansive coastlines and breathtaking sunsets, others are filmed right here in Rhode Island. They can reflect the long-held customs of local families as well as the traditions of newcomers to New England. This magnificent island boasts many seaside backdrops for gorgeous wedding images. Trust Erin to find the right natural landscape (or sites of local architectural excellence) that suit the tastes of you and your partner. If you secure one of Erin’s photography packages that fits your wedding budget, you can plan to bring her with you to document this momentous occasion. Erin’s team will collaborate and work diligently to capture all magical moments on film.

Choose Erin for a Rhode Island wedding shoot and trust that she will snap photos filled with raw emotion. Her natural style guarantees that your personalities shine and that anything too formal is omitted.