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Spring brings lots of things this time of year – the end of the endless winter we’ve had here in New England, the budding of trees and blossoms, yard sales and clean houses (still waiting on that one), and ultimately the start of wedding season.  I’ve committed to try and blog more regularly even throughout the season (usually blogging falls by the wayside when editing and shooting and trying to spend time with friends and family in the in-between) but I think it’s important for my voice to echo a bit through this space to bond a bit more with you my friends, my clients, my possible future clients 😉

I’m excited for the new season! As a very pen and paper person, the tech aspects of being a business woman and digital photographer in the year 2017 is kind of the worst part of things, though. I’m trying to migrate things to a digital world, from contracts to calendars to meetings. And slowly but surely I’m getting there, but I think I need to give myself a break a bit. I’m kind of a person who also thrives off instant gratification so I also feel like I want things done immediately and it’s hard for me to try and do things slowly. As a Gemini I get way off track and start 800 other projects in the meantime. So right now, if you saw my desk (which you won’t, haha!) it’s a mix of, and literally: A DVD of Love Actually from Christmas, batteries, hard drives, my paper calendar, a sage smudge stick, coffee, and like 17 notebooks and pieces of paper all written in on random pages. How do I migrate all of that into Trello or Evernote or what have you? I’m also striving to focus more on minimalism, so having all this clutter is hard.  And I’m also a person who double thinks every upgrade. Do I really need to upgrade this or that? It’s only x months/years old? Our grandparents would just fix this one until it broke, shouldn’t I do that, too?  So that’s springtime here, folks. Time to weed out what’s not working, refresh and revamp things (including my brand which is currently being worked on by an amazing designer!), time to explore some exciting new things (lifestyle website to come!), and time to take time to unplug each day (office hours for email and social media).  Bare with me as there will be a few transitions here and there, but one thing you can count on many more gorgeous weddings coming up, my email being an open book for anyone who wants to reach out, and lots of love shining through these words I share with you as always.

Image from a shoot with Jennie Kay Beauty and Everthine Bridal with Frame and Anchor, Greenlion Design, and Emily Trudeau.