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Having a Lobster bake in Little Compton, RI is such a great idea for private home wedding rehearsal dinners in the area.  Caroline and Patrick decided to hold their lobster bake at the Sakonnet Golf Club in Little Compton.

Lobster Bake rehearsal dinners are always engaging!

Guests from out of the New England area will be obsessed with lobster bakes in Little Compton, RI.  McGrath’s especially does an amazing job by not only preparing and serving delicious food but also educating the guests on the history of a New England Clambake.  From the Native American traditions to the current local purveyors of lobster and clams, your guests will be wowed at how fun they are!

Photography for your rehearsal dinner.

I typically suggest that we start 30 minutes before your dinner is scheduled to begin.  This timeframe will allow me time to photograph you and your fiance, your bridal party, and your immediate family while the sun still shines.  I also will have time to capture all the beautiful details put into your decor, the landscape, setting, and of course the lobster bake itself.

After your guests begin to arrive, I’ll capture candid photos of everyone having fun and of course any little posed photos of friends and fam you’d like.  The food, drinks, laughter, and excitement of the day before your big day!

Finally, we will end with 30 minutes or more (totally up to you!) of the lobster bake service.  If your caterer has dug a pit for a traditional bake on-site, they will have a reveal with the speech about the history of lobster bakes and the local area as well as what everyone will be eating.  Capturing a few photos of everyone cracking into their lobsters, any toasts that might be given, and of course, a sunset photo of you and your love are a great way to top off the night.  I’ll get home and rest up so I can be back on-site and ready for your wedding day refreshed.

Why have your rehearsal dinner photographed:

Here are some top reasons why it’s a great idea to have me join you at your rehearsal dinner:

  • I can get to know all the “VIP’s” like parents, maid of honor and best man, and siblings. This will make everyone more comfortable with me at the wedding too.
  • We can tell a better story about the full weekend. All those little details that tie in will be photographed, as well as guests enjoying a place that is so special to you, like Little Compton.
  • I can photograph a truly special engaging experience. Lobster Bakes are full of action, color, and envoke all the senses, such a wonderful way to document a really unique moment.

When it might be something you can skip:

  • Your guests are going right into dinner.  Photographing people eating isn’t something I usually do. If we don’t have the opportunity to capture some sort of cocktail hour/candid experience, you might want photos pre-rehearsal just for portraits and documentation
  • It’s all about the toasts. In this case, I usually suggest you envoke the services of a videographer, they’ll be able to capture all the spoken words and moments you’ll want to revisit.  If there are going to be more than 2-3 toasts, this might be a great time to utilize your videographer’s talents.

Event Planning: Eventfully Planned / Rehearsal Dinner Flowers: The Local Bouquet / Clambake: McGrath’s / Menus: Li Ward/ Venue: Sakonnet Golf Club /