Wedding Photography for Micro Weddings

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Wedding Photography for Micro Weddings

Wedding photography for micro weddings and elopements is one of my favorite offerings. Just because you’ve chosen to celebrate solo or with only your nearest and dearest doesn’t mean you should forgo photography. I’ve captured a couple helping each other get ready before they ran off to town hall, and I’ve been a part of a small wedding in a tiny restaurant where everyone spontaneously broke into song and dance. I’ve been a signed witness to a vow exchange on a cliff with the wind blowing and tears falling. Ultimately, I want you to relive the magic of it all again and through timeless imagery, and be able to share it with those to whom you’d like to announce your marriage with heirloom albums, prints, and keepsakes.

Wedding Photography for Micro Weddings is becoming more and more popular this year, and I’m so excited about it! Intimate weddings with just your nearest and dearest can be so meaningful and beautiful. Having a small wedding with a minimal guest counts let you focus on what really matters – your immediate family and closest friends, your partner, and the start to your new life together.  Planning a micro wedding in Rhode Island can be so much fun! Venues like your own private home, your small backyard, or a formal wedding venue like The Chanler or Castle Hill are the perfect setting for your intimate wedding day.  Wedding Photography is an important element to consider for your micro wedding. With my unique experience in wedding planning, I’m happy to help you with a timeline that makes sense for your small guest count. Whether you are planning an elopement with just the two of you on a cliffside, or a micro wedding with under 50 guests, I’ll be there to guide you on how we can capture photographs of exactly what you need.


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From a tiny backyard in Providence, to a classic Little Compton estate, my clients have trusted me to photograph not only their vows but also settings with so much meaning you can feel it in the soil beneath your feet. Restaurants also hold this same type of ambiance as food and dining are such a joyful experience that guests can’t help but be enchanted. I love capturing the intimacy of a shared meal, candles glowing, and glasses clinking.

Micro Wedding Photography FAQ

The Skinny on Small Events


What constitutes a "micro wedding"?

The term micro wedding is being used to describe smaller scaled events. For the purposes of my conversation with couples, any wedding under 50 guests is considered a micro wedding?

What is the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement?

Traditionally an elopement is used to describe a wedding of just 2 people. However, it is becoming more and more popular to have at least 2 witnesses, and in most cases 8-10 (parents and siblings of the couple).

Where do you travel for micro weddings and elopements?

Anywhere and everywhere! I've captured micro weddings on the beach in Charleston, South Carolina and at an estate in the hills of St. John. I've captured backyard vow exchanges in providence and on a cliffside in Newport. I've captured city hall elopements and lighthouse elopements. Let's chat about your location!

How is your investement different for micro weddings and full coverage?

Because many micro weddings take place on off-peak dates and also have a smaller time frame, my rates start at only $2500. Elopements are a smaller financial investment (and typically a shorter day).

How many hours of photography is normal for a micro wedding in Newport?

While I have captured elopements for only 2 hours in Newport, most micro weddings there are at least 3 hours and average at 4 hours of photography.